Sunday, July 15, 2012

Silver Buckle Press - Madison, WI

This year the family reunion was in lovely Madison, WI. I had never been there before, but after all of our poking around town I just loved it! The airport in Madison is tiny! While waiting for our rental car we spotted a guy, that was on our plane from Dallas, picking up his Dallas Stars hockey bag. What?!? I checked my Dallas Stars app, and there is a couple of guys from or around there, it just didn't look like any of them. Anyway, since I am obsessed with hockey again these days, I thought it was a fun start to our trip.

So, first off on our must sees was the Silver Buckle Press located at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Library, second floor to be exact :) We emailed Tracy Honn, the director, and she set up a time for us to stop by to show us around. Check it out!
more after the JUMP!

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