Thursday, February 9, 2012

Adorable Zooey!

I freaking love ZD's show the New Girl. I mean it is in my top 3! It's seems like she is everywhere these days and I am not sick of her yet :) Now she is on the March cover of uk magazine Company. Never heard of it, but I guess I am about to find out.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tennis + Golf = Love

What is up with the tennis ladies hooking up with golf gents? I mean the hubz does play a mean round of top golf :) Anyway, so I guess WTA player Caroline Wozniacki is dating Scottish golfer Rory McIlroy and beautiful people Ana Ivanovic's boyfriend is Aussie golfer Adam Scott. Wow they are pretty!

Take This Waltz

The hubz and I were in Toronto when they were shooting this and now that the trailer has come out man I want to see this. The color tone of this movie looks beautiful! Even just a glimpse and you get the styling of this movie…I am getting excited. That and the cast looks awesome.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Vintage Textiles

Beautiful vintage textiles. Love the color combos.

words to live by…

traditiontwainhair whiskeylife

Digging this coffee table

Eames: The artchitect the painter

I guess this should be called Eames', because it is talking about Charles and Ray. So interesting. I guess documentaries are rarely made about boring people :) This couple is far from that.

You can watch it instantly on Netflix.

Vidal Sassoon

So many documentaries lately. This one is on my list to see.

Bill Cunningham

Finally got around to watching this yesterday. What a character! Love this guy. The accent, his eye, his french street sweeper jacket. Awesome!

Flower Pants

Oh I so wanted these but they looked HORRIBLE on me. I tried these Citizens of Humanity florals on at Anthropologie.  They are looking way nicer on Lana Del Rey. I totally had some floral guess jean shorts back in the day. Damn I wish I still had those. They were some of my favorite!
On a side note she totally does look like Molly Ringwald's sister in Sixteen Candles!
Another Lana del Rey side note…I do like that Video Games song. Catchy! Also dig the montage of video making up the Video Games video.

Warm Heart

Wow I can't wait to see people on the street wearing this.

The Goodhood Store

Just kind of love that name and then found some sweet finds. Check'em out.

Will Leather Goods

So excited about this Will Leather Goods bag I ordered from Boutique to You in December. But it is on freaking back order and just may never get here. :(

Styling the Hubz

A few new pieces for the hubz which goes great with his Federer hat.
adidasdockerstanner beltfederer


Adidas is taking Leopard to a whole new level. Ahhhhhhhhhhh!

Imogene + Willie & Tennis

Can I get a better combo than this? No Way! So when I saw Imogene + Willie's fun lifestyle shots of the Anderson crewneck (so Wes Anderson) I knew I was a goner. This sweatshirt is sooooooooo soft and comfy!  And of course I love love love the tennis theme. Dig it!

Bon Iver

Played on SNL last night with Channing Tatum who was pretty funny.


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