Friday, December 23, 2011

Alexander the Great

Alexander Girard…so great. Todd Oldham…likes to capitalize on greatness. AHHHHH Charley Harper HUHHHHHH. BTW that was a cough :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


No I don't consider myself one, but man I think I made a freaking cute outfit with the hipster dress up site :)


Want the perfect beverage to go with your taste in music? Then try Drinkfly! It's fun for the whole family! Hint…there is even a drink suggestion for Justin Bieber, not that I suggest it.

Dance Denim Dance

Oh my goodness…I guess you got to try it before you buy it! Don't forget to dance in your denim before you check out at JC Penney's. Hilarious.

A denim fashion show by RichJuz

The Nerves

Never heard of this band before I found it on Welcome Strangers blog, but I dig this song. Check it out!

a la artist direct: They could've been contenders had they stayed together long enough, but the Nerves, despite their brief existence, were one of the most exciting bands in power pop. Formed by Jack Lee, Peter Case, and Paul Collins in 1975, their career was over by 1978, but they produced a great EP that featured the power pop classic "Hanging on the Telephone," which was later recorded (and wonderfully so) by Blondie. Ultimately, having three talented songwriters in one band hurried the demise of the Nerves, and all three principals found greater happiness and success with their new bands; although Jack Lee (arguably the most talented songwriter of the three) had the shortest career and eventually dropped out of sight after a fine solo record (Jack Lee's Greatest Hits, Vol. 1) in 1981. Case went on to form the Plimsouls, who recorded two good records and a transcendent pop song, "A Million Miles Away." After breaking up in 1984, Case recorded as a roots rock solo act for the rest of the decade and into the '90s. Collins formed the Beat (later Paul Collins' Beat), who were merely OK, and has done little since the mid-'80s. ~ John Dougan, All Music Guide

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Things I Like

Virgina Johnson for her simply wonderful hot pink camel case that will go with my pink camel scarf from her that I already own.

The new Vera (Neumann) collections at Bed Bath & Beyond that my friend Rachel told me about. Who knew?

And the Handmade Ryan Gosling tumblr that my friend Shay shared with me. Hilarious! I think anyone can make one and send it in.

J.crew holiday bags. So festive!

Monday, December 5, 2011


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