Monday, September 5, 2011

Texas Hill Country Trip: Enchanted Rock

One morning my sis and I headed over towards Llano to hike up Enchanted Rock. We started out struggling, since it was so early, but if we didn't then it would have been too hot. In the end we had a blast and I took a ton of picts. Loved it!
saw this guy eating when we came in. now that i look again looks like he needs some more. so cute!
lets go!
we just did the summit trail
i thought this was the top. not even close :)
beautiful views
i guess if it wasn't so dry than there might be water in this hole
found a feather at the top
a cave that this nice man was telling us about. everyone was real friendly, hence the friendly state :)
getting hot but there was a nice breeze
pretty color and texture
looks like a cartoon dog

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