Monday, August 8, 2011

Gorgeous Ellesse!

Oh I adore the Ellesse dress that qualifier Galina Voskoboeva is wearing this year in the Rogers Cup. Love the collar, love the vertical ruffles that move like water around the court. The color is perfect, as it isn't distracting at all. Love, love, love! Ellesse should definitely design more tennis apparel.

I will replace this image as soon as a good one goes up online.

Ok better image. I am not the only one that LOVES this dress :)



dedeannb said...

Where do you buy this dress ??

betsy jones-burgmeier said...

not sure actually. it was kind of hard just to find a good image of the dress on Galina. now there are better ones out there since she wore it in the u.s. open too.


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