Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Go Jennie Go Go Go!

I like food, but I would not say that I am a food connoisseur by any means. So, I find it very interesting that I keep meeting or knowing chefs or people in food. The hubz and I are friends with Jennie Kelley,  one of the sweetest and most talented people we know. Whatever she is up to (she is in the band Polyphonic Spree and has a new food blog “perfect last bite”) she goes full throttle and does it well. So when she had a few friends over for brunch (YUM), she told us that she is going to be on the show Master Chef, I was like awesome. Ok so then I had to look it up because I didn't know what it was :). Now I have seen the first two episodes and it is great! The first episode I was crying I was laughing so hard. These people are characters. Anyway, if you read this, watch Master Chef and cheer on Jennie.

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