Monday, May 30, 2011

Funny Man: Brad Gilbert

One of my fave tennis commentators is Brad Gilbert. Once a professional on the atp tour, Andre Agassi, Andy Murray + other's coach, and as of the last few years a commentator on ESPN. This guy  is hilarious. He is always in a happy mood. Never wants to stop talking. Will take the devil's advocate almost every time. Knows a hell of a lot about tennis, obviously or he wouldn't have the job. And this guy has the funniest terminology! As I once hung out with a lot of tennis players myself and some from Cali, they all have this funny tennis slang that they all understand. Here are a few of my fave's from Brad:

red lined = kills it

tree stumps = strong legs

dirt ball tennis = clay court tennis

Cliffy = Cliff Drysdale

lumbering giants = big guys

california slide = on clay you hit the forehand and then slide rather than vise versa

carnage = broken racquets

titanic battle = tough match

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