Monday, May 30, 2011

Funny Man: Brad Gilbert

One of my fave tennis commentators is Brad Gilbert. Once a professional on the atp tour, Andre Agassi, Andy Murray + other's coach, and as of the last few years a commentator on ESPN. This guy  is hilarious. He is always in a happy mood. Never wants to stop talking. Will take the devil's advocate almost every time. Knows a hell of a lot about tennis, obviously or he wouldn't have the job. And this guy has the funniest terminology! As I once hung out with a lot of tennis players myself and some from Cali, they all have this funny tennis slang that they all understand. Here are a few of my fave's from Brad:

red lined = kills it

tree stumps = strong legs

dirt ball tennis = clay court tennis

Cliffy = Cliff Drysdale

lumbering giants = big guys

california slide = on clay you hit the forehand and then slide rather than vise versa

carnage = broken racquets

titanic battle = tough match

French Open - Ladies Style

What a variety the lady's side of the French Open has seen. One reason I think is that there are more brands on the scene as of late, especially because there is a diversity in the countries represented. What's Up? Represent! :) Anyway, this is what I see:

Lotto! Lovin' the lotto outfits. Sporty, but very feminine with the puff sleeve or the layered ruffled skirts. Also digging the color palette. If they would have done it in a brighter color then it would not have had the same effect. Keeps it sweet and not crazy
Now Nike has a definite variety in their line. My favorite is Azarenka's in the purple and black. Fun, sexy, sporty. all of these things but she isn't pulling or tugging and it isn't taking away from her tennis. I dig it. Maria's yellow dress is also a favorite. The other's are classic sporty Nike.
Lacoste is obviously popular this tournament as it is French. I always love Lacoste. Clean and sporty and preppy.
Stella McCartney for Adidas is always lovely and interesting. The color is beautiful too. Unfortunately, Wozniacki couldn't hang in there.
I am also loving the regular Adidas line for the French Open. The combo of bright green, pink, and orange is perfect for summer and mixes and matches so well with all of the pieces.
Anta? Had to look this one up, but found out it is Jelena Jankovic's apparel sponsor is from China. hmph! Never heard of it. I don't love the print, but it's cute. The French Open photographer must have loved her because her pics in the gallery are the most artistic :)
This is the rest of the apparel that I am digging. Kswiss kept in classic. Reebok is simple in black. Fila super sporty with Kuznetsova and Clijsters. Asics is pretty in purple. Tacchini classic v-neck stripe and classic silhouette body.
Not sure when they are going to figure out how to make sports sunglasses cute, but obviously they haven't figured it out yet. Also, I have never seen anyone, men's or women's, wear the black baseball/football player under the eye paint. Not a good look. :( and it didn't help too much because she lost.
Now for the misses. Bethany Mattek-Sands always a miss, but I think she likes it that way. Kind of unfortunate for Under Armor that she does. This Nike outfit in purple and black just didn't look like it fit because of the outer purple layer. Just looked sloppy. The French player in black and pink just seemed a little Jersey Shore. Not slutty, just not a taste factor. And I am all about quirky color combos but this yellow and red just didn't do it for me and the black and orange is sporty and more on the masculine side (hey why not!) but still boring.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Yellow Tennis Outfit

I think Lacoste needs to bring this style back. I am digging this, what I think is a tennis dress, that Kristen Wiig is wearing in her movie Bridesmaids. Hopefully, the hubz is taking me to this today, since I feel like I am the only one left who hasn't seen it. Yay!
Get your Vintage Lacoste dress here


Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Blanket?

No i don't need a blanket for summer, as it is Texas and all, but I love this Pendleton/Ace Hotel blanket. It would look so nice on our bed with our new Dwell sample sale sheets and shams that I scored in NYC a few weeks ago. If I still love it in a month or two I will take the plunge :) then i will really need it in the 100 degree heat.

Roland Garros 3rd Round

What the? 3 top ladies out today. Who the heck is going to win this thing? Ahhhhh!
Wozniacki OUT! which is so unfortunate because that outfit is AWESOME!
Stosur OUT! Whatever she is streaky!
 Clijsters OUT! Could have been a contender!

Russell Moccasin Co

Came across these when trying to find the hubz new shoes whether he likes it or not :) Anyway, when I was looking to enter a size I couldn't find it. Why? because they hand make and customize every shoe order. How cool is that? and these Mocs that I love are $198! For men's, leather, hand made shoes I think that is a steal. The only downside is that it takes 20 weeks to get your shoes, but all the testimonials are super positive, like you won't regret the wait.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

no sleep in Brooklyn

When I was in Brooklyn a week or so ago, I got to hang out with my friend Kaelea and visit all the fun places that she hangs. First off, we went to dinner at Calexico, which I think is also a food truck. We started off with very strong margaritas and chips and salsa. What was cool about these three salsas was that one was a pumpkin seed pureƩ. So good! We also got one fish taco a piece suggested by Kaelea and an order of black beans. Super good, super filling. Couldn't finish the second margarita and was off to the next place.
Second stop was the Brouwerij Lane, Greenpoint's Fresh Beer Store New Home of Raven Import Co. 150 + Bottles and 19 Growler taps. Not sure what I had, but it was good and it was strong.
Therefore I couldn't tell you the third stop, but I can describe it :) Walking distance from Brouwerij Lane and has outdoor seating and sells IPA. Oops too much fun!

Adele: just can't get enough

I am gonna say NO! to this one

A room by Vanilla Ice, for real? That scares me.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Swinging with the Finkels

Wow! The costume designer on Mandy Moore's new movie must love Orla Kiely. Even the pillows on the couch are Orla Kiely. Just stating the obvious, but do think that it looks super cute.


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