Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Other Betsy

My sis was in Miami last week and she asked if I wanted anything from her travels. I said heck yeah I want a Betsy t-shirt from The Betsy Hotel, which is short for the Betsy Ross Hotel. Not sure how I knew about this place, but I saw it somewhere online of course. Anyway I already have a JONES tee from Jones Cafe in NYC. So her she went and I guess it is a fancy place because they said that they don't have anything like that there, but do have plain t-shirts for sell. Who wants a plain t-shirt on vacation? What Ev's! They should totally make a THE BETSY tee, it would sell bunches. I wonder if they give discounts to Betsy's. :)

Now I just need a Burgmeier shirt. Good luck, right?

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