Monday, June 28, 2010

Fatboy for my skinny girl

Zoe lost 40lbs, so she trusts her boney bad hips to her comfy Fatboy. This the only bed that has not fallen apart on us. The only complaint is the bean bag material has flattened, so it is not as thick as it once was. But isn't she the cutest dog model ever?!?!?!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I like Mexican. A LOT!

Dinner on Thursday. Red Snapper fish tacos with corn tortillas, pepper jack cheese, avocados, radishes, and salsa verde made from the night before.

Dinner on Wednesday. Grilled chicken enchiladas with verde salsa made with tomatillos. I would tell you the recipe, but I had to wing it. I got the idea from a Real Simple recipe. I like enchiladas, but the picture didn't look too yum, and then when I started to make it I just jumped ship and started making stuff up. Turned out delicious. Hubz thought so too.

Salsa Verde: 1lb of tomatillos (remove husk), 1 jalapeƱo seeded, hand full of cilantro, fresh lime juice. Blend it all up.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

White on White

Wimbledon only allows the players to wear all white with a few liberties. Agassi had a hard time with this and was asked to leave, and so he did, and didn't return until a couple of years later. REBEL! So with the restriction, the sports brands have to get creative. This year there is a lot of layering for a textured look, as seen on Maria, Kerber, and Nadia. Venus has some fringe Tina Turner inspired outfit going on. I dig it.

Serena and Kirilenko are sporting the pop of hot pink, which I love.

And of course, Bethanie Mattek looks ridiculous.

The best jacket I have seen by far is the 2010 French Open winner Schiavone. I would totally rock this jacket!

Now, once Roger Federer has his first night match then you are going to see the business. Nike tricks him out with preppy cardigans, embroidered RF logos, monogrammed shoes. Now that is something to look forward to :)

KerberKirilenkoS. Williams
Larcher de BritoV WilliamsSharapova Jankovic

The Longest Match EVER!!!!

Go John!
4-6, 6-3, 7-6(9-7) 6-7(3-7), 59-59

This is the craziest match ever between John Isner (USA 6 ft 9 in) and Nicolas Mahut (France). I wish I could watch it at work, but they have World Cup going on. Yeah, I am not that into World Cup. So the big deal is that for the men they have to win 3 out of 5 sets, each set is won by the first one to 6 games and you have to win by 2, so you can win 7-5. But in the first four sets if you get to 6-6 it is settled by a tie breaker, again you have to win by 2 points. But then if you get to the 5th and final set you don't get to play a tie breaker, you have to play the games out and win by 2.

This historic match is in the 5th set and the game count is 59-59. I think my feet would be bleeding. These guys started on Tuesday, and because Wimbledon does not have lighting to play at night, and an 11:00 curfew, so due to poor visibility these guys have to come back tomorrow. WOW!


Monday, June 21, 2010


So I am starting to feel under the weather, so I go to my local Whole Foods to get some Kombucha. It is one of my favorite drinks, as it has probiotics and yummy cultures in it and I feel healthy when I drink it, which is usually about 3-5 times a week. But today the Whole Foods guy said that "everyone" in the country has pulled this because of mislabeling the packaging on how much alcohol is in it. It is fermented tea, so it naturally has alcohol.

Then I come home and look it up and it just says that Whole Foods, not "everyone" has taken these off the shelf. I usually go to Central Market and I tend to like them a whole lot better because they are not crazy over the top on their ideals. They just sell good products. Also, I was listening to NPR one day and they said that Whole Foods dropped a supplier, which just didn't meet their standards. Fine drop them! But no they went and black balled them some how and the company went out of business. Not nice! I am pretty sure they just lost my business.


Wimbledon! Wimbledon!

Yay! Wimbledon starts today. The most prestigious tennis tournament in all the world. This is where the tennis is still played on the original surface of grass, which makes the ball go super fast and so the points are quicker. Grass is where you see more players use the serve and volley because you can end the point quicker. Welcome to the first day of the fortnight!

posterlogofred perryfp2moviestrawberries and cream

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

I knew I have been to this place.…well sort of. It was closed, but just from the outside it looks so cool.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Organic!

and 80 proof :) My friend Jon Kirk enlightened me on the original root beer, a.k.a alcoholic root beer. He mixed it with some ginger ale and it is very tasty, so could be very dangerous.

Here is the info: made by Art in The Age, ROOT is based on old Root Tea medicinal infusions that date back to the 1700s where settlers learned of the value of these North American herbs from the Native Americans.

Art in the Age, also has their own website and one flagship store. They have a plethora of other items that they sell including women's, men's, home, art prints, and more. Here are some cuties I found in the women's dept.

root beer
art in the age

Putt Putt it Smells Like Rain - winnie the pooh

I own a couple of pairs of wellies, and now looking for the best rain coat. Here are a few.

patagonia, hayden-harnett
etsy, llbean
gap, etsy

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wood you be mine?

Scored this beautiful Danish Modern 1950's Rosewood 4 draw Chest on etsy today. It's made out of solid wood (not veneer). I am so excited, because my sock drawer's bottom falls out every time I open it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Russian

That is how Carry Bradshaw refers to Mikhail Baryshnikov's character Aleksandr Petrovsky in the last season of Sex and the City. I guess better late than never, right? I just finished the series this week and loved the last season with The Russian. So, can I just say that Mikhail Baryshnikov is so cute! or should I say sexy. Regardless I was entertained. The art, the culture, the romance, the city! I dig it.

Just in case you don't know who Mikhail Baryshnikov is in real life, then find out here. link

image link, link, link, link

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Swing, Swinger, Swingest

Steal or Splurge on a nice wood swing. I love to swing. It's my favorite.

Here is the STEAL a la etsy $150

Here is the SPLURGE a la DWR made from teak $297.50. This is on special and everything :)

link, link

What the $%^&? Pardon my French!

1st off! Serena, Novak, and Roger are out! I can't believe it. What a weird day, having the #1 and #3 seeds on the mens side, and the #1 seed on the women's side eliminated. Now that is crazy stuff.

More crazy stuff is that when I searched for images of these 3, these were some of the first picts that came up. At least I have a theme :)

link, link, link

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Little Miss Moffatt sat on a truffet

Now Lauren Moffatt's spring collection would totally be my Roland Garros spectator style. I dig the hip English garden influence, and I am a sucker for color. Now if only I had this model's legs, I could really rock this look.

lauren moffatt

Summer in Paris?

You usually don't see the pros in their warm ups because it is summer and it is already warm. Well I guess not Paris. Check out the players, in their fresh out of the bag, long sleeves, jackets and leggings.


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