Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Down with the Lauper

On Hellcats tonight there was a very interesting version of Girls Just Want to have Fun. I kind of dig it.

Miss Cyrus's version is very fast and she has no problem busting out the pipes!

Oh but! check out the Killers and their version of Girls Just Want to Have Fun. If you have ever tried to sing this in the car, you know it is not easy, unless you are a for real singer. I think the lead singer of the Killers is humbled by this song. You can see it on his face how it is hard to sing. Anyway I still think it is fun to see a bunch a boys sing this song. :)


RachelV said...

my fav version is by Greg Laswell... slow and kind of sad... but pretty.

betsy jones-burgmeier said...

it says error on the youtube video :(

Blessed Mama said...

i like that first one! ellie would like Miley of course and the Killers--they tried. :0)


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