Sunday, October 31, 2010

that's my boy BLUE!

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The New Porch Swing

Just saw this on I freaking love it!!! The hubz and I went to a Mexican resort where they had these on the beach. Then when we went back we went to a sister resort thinking they would also have these. The didn't! So next time we are going back to the first resort. But to keep going…lying on one of these on the beach listening to the waves breaking takes you to a deeper relaxation. If I could have this everyday, then I WOULD! Note to self…get a porch :)

A Pop of Scandinavian

Gudrun Sjödén is a bit over the top if you dress head to toe in it. But if you wear it sparingly it is definitely a pop of fun. Check out their fun holiday items here:

mittensscarf belt ribbons ornaments

Happy Halloween

What’s Up! It's Ryan Adams “Halloween Head” performed here with The Cardinals. Dig it!

Freaking Holiday Cute!

The Fossil holiday catalog is soooo cute and I am coveting several items.

catalogbagoutfitnecklacesweaterteeearringscardigan catalog

The Dodos

Lovin' this… the Dodos!

Music Sweet Music

The Brazilian band, “Rosie and Me’s” music video is across between antique store meets etsy crafts. I dig it and the band :)

Passion for Fashion

100 sketchkennethcoco

Friend Find

My friend Paula was showing me her new lip find the other day. She had not one, but three of these babies and they were all soooo pretty. So, while I was at Sephora yesterday I thought I would pick one up and try it out. I got the one called LUST…hot stuff!!! When I got home I tried it on and then sat down to watch tv. The hubz came in and asked if I was playing "make up," but then quickly said that it was a pretty color on me. Good save!

LipSurgence™ natural lip tint! Sounds intense, yes? $24 each.

Kensie Cute!

Kensie has some KA-YOOT things this season and if you sign up on their site you get $25 off your first purchase. DEAL!


Shy Ronnie & Clyde

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Greek Withdrawls

I have to wait until January 3rd for my Greek show to come back on. I find this show hilarious. The writing reminds me of the Gilmore Girl series. So super cute and a little bit ridiculous. I think Dale, the southern Baptist, deer hunting, prude that gave into sins and then became a born again virgin is my favorite.


Shower Gel of Choice

Lush: Flying Fox. My shower gel of choice for 3 or 4 years now. I can't keep track because nothing comes close to its awesomeness. Here are all of the fun stuff that's in it a la Lush:

Calms the mood.

Share a shower with our Flying Fox to ground and calm you. Our Foxy shower gel has the stunningly sensual scent of jasmine, ylang, cypress and palmarosa. It's is so relaxing that even the most frantic, frazzled person will relax into a restful mood after a warm shower.

Softening honey wash.

We use Hungarian honey to moisturize the body and the scent of Flying Fox was created to calm down people at the end of their tether.

Jasmine absolute

Jasmine is often used in cosmetics for its fragrance, but it is also valued in aromatherapy for sensitive skins, muscular complaints, depression and other stress-related conditions.

Stop! Collaborate! and Listen

Levi's Workwear by Pendleton

a la Pendleton:
All-American denim and Native American jacquard. When two icons hook up, you can expect fireworks. The collaboration between denim giant Levi Strauss and wool legend Pendleton is no exception to the rule. Our first joint venture is on its way and the buzz you might have heard is well deserved. And it's made in the USA all the way. Look for the too cool, denim-and-wool collection in select stores and online in early November. We promise styles for girls and guys. Make room in the closet now!Take a sneak peak at something for the guys - a Trucker Jacket, garment washed and blanket-lined with a removable vest.

Bring it On…Winter

I can't wait for my birthday present from my hubz to get here.


Giles & Brother

One of my favorite jewelry lines. With sample sale prices of course :)

Madewell…you are funny!

How can you resist a bear head with cool red headphones?



I think this is just a failed idea from the Martha staff. I don't think this is fun any day of the year. Even from their copy: “Invite a creepy bird to make its nest on your head and lay a few mysterious eggs with this unique headpiece,” this thing does not fool me for a minute that it is a good idea.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Breakfast Vegetable

That is what the packaging says anyway. Be weary of a pancake mix that says just add water, but these are the exception. No butter needed!

Ode to Juice

We received a juicer for one of our wedding gifts. It is the bee’s knees! Both the hubz and I like to juice. The one on the left is: carrot and sweet potato poured into mango. The one on the right is: a head of romaine lettuce, 2 delicious apples, and asqueeze of lime. I got this recipe from an article in Martha Stewart's Whole Living magazine. This juice really gives you a burst of energy and it is surprisingly refreshingly delicious!

Martha, Martha, Martha

I get Martha Stewart and Rachel Ray daily recipe emails. This veggie burger came the other day and I couldn't resist. I think mine looks pretty comparable and everything tasted delicious. I did substitute the lemon for a lime and thought it was a good move. Oh and the carrot salad is freaking awesome. I think I am going to make it for a side dish for our family Thanksgiving. I definitely recommend it and even the hubz said it was good.


Vegetable Goodness

This is my dinner that I made the other night. First, make some “gemelli” pasta. Second, throw a wedge of laughing cow cheese into the cooked pasta with a dash of greek yogurt. The yogurt makes it less dry. Third, steam some cut up yellow squash, zucchini, and eggplant. Once tender, throw on top of the pasta with some cracked pepper.


Yikes! this is the window art from some ice cream cookie place called Pokey O's that I visited the other day. I was sitting inside with some friends and noticed it. It is sooooo weird I had to capture the moment. I never read the whole thing, so I am not sure what the link is between Phantom of the Opera and Pokey O's.


This is the thank you card that I sent my Mom for what she did to celebrate my b-day. I appreciate her so much and love finding fun cards to thank her with. A trait that I inherited from her of course. Anyway, I picked up this gem at The Drake Hotel's “General Store” while the hubz and I were visiting Toronto.

Jet • Set • Tennis

Got this tennis vacation sale from Jetsetter the other day. Sounds pretty awesome, but I just can't sign up for one more discount site…it does sound interesting. :)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Dirk Fowler - Texas Country Reporter

Dirk was my, and still is, a professor at Texas Tech. Kind of lucky that I got to learn from such a cool guy. Check him out on Texas Country Reporter. Fun stuff!

A tribe called…

One time when I worked in a retail store, this lady wrote a check and I asked for identification. She handed it over and I thought she was a card carrying Native American. I asked her what tribe she belonged to. No… she was just from Oklahoma and that was her driver's license, which in my defense says Native America huge on it. Also, I once upon a time knew someone who carried one of those cards. A Native American card, not an OK driver's license. She called out to her friend in a very country accent and said "Mary she just asked me what tribe I was in!" They thought it was hilarious.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Birthday Card

For my birthday…do you think my co-workers know that I love tennis? They’re good! Oh by the way thanks for the tickets boys!

Nice and Woodsy

GQ can really pull off a shoot. I am ready for fall!!!!


What's up Cat Stevens?

lilco friendsadleruostyle

Who doesn't need an Axe Sling?

Should everyone have one of these in their repertoire? They also have internships which sound pretty cool. Maybe I need a sabbatical :)

Best Made Company is seeking two qualified souls for Fall 2010 internships at BMC HQ in New York. Candidates should be self-motivated, personable, and excited to learn (we have a lot to teach and inspire). Some knowledge of "social media", and wood-working is a plus. Our internships are un-paid but are flexible and stimulating, so much so that we often find most of our interns never want to leave.

Candidates should contact us at:

Lissie & Ellie

I dig it.

Designer Wine

Wine with cool Hatch Show Print graphic design.
Live it, Love it, Drink it!



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