Sunday, September 5, 2010


Venus Williams has a slew of outfits that she is busting out for this year's US Open. Not sure if Venus actually designs these herself or if she has a crew. Either way, if you see my previous posts about her outfits I am usually not a fan of them. I am still on the fence.

This one with the bold graphic print is fun. I am a fan of spin art :) and the color way is nice. Black and white with a few pops of color. What I am not a fan of is that that she is wearing a regular bra with the halter :( It's just not thought out and if it was on purpose and built in, then it is still distracting.

Next is her night match outfit. It is black with sparkly fireworks. Hey, what's not fun about fireworks and sparkles at night. I love it until you see the back. Why? Again with the lingerie reference. Again, distracting. I like the idea of the open back, but not with a big strap in the middle. I think it would have looked better it one of the open sections on the back was filled in/covered up.

Venus must have loved the design so much that she made it in fuschia too. I like the color and sequins during the day is different for a tennis outfit. So just like the previous one, and many of her other dresses, there is lack of functionality. Flies up and shows her tush or creeps up and shows her tush. I think functionality plays a big role in the success of a garment on or off the court. And again the big strap in the back and the dark bra underneath a pink dress is distracting. Maybe take a page out of the figure skating book and make it nude if it just has to be there.

All in all there just needs to be better styling, finishing, engineering, and EDITING!

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