Tuesday, September 7, 2010

R-pat in my rearview mirror

If you are from or have lived in Lubbock, TX you would know that reference. Actually, so weird when I finally graduated from school and my parents loaded up the U-haul. My dad and I were in my car and as we literally passed the city limits this song came on the radio. My mom was driving the U-haul and she said if she would of heard that, then she would have just started crying. :) Anyway, my coworker Julie, who was in Lubbock this weekend, supplied me with the gossip that Robert Pattinson was at Cricketts in Lubbock. I went to college there. The city not the bar :) I guess by the end of the night it turned into quite a TO DO.

song1, song2, rp


BuenoBueno said...

yes, yes, yes, I was up when the tweets and facebook updates rolled in and then suddenly it was on Prez Hilton. What the heck? He doesn't need dollar lonestars!

The Royal Me said...

WTF!!!! this is hilarious! that was my fav bar though, well done Ratz!


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