Thursday, September 16, 2010

My new friend Squirrel

Found this little squirrel in the parking lot after work today. He/She wasn't moving too fast, as squirrels usually do, so he caught my attention. I got really close and he didn't move. Then I started chasing him, but not really he just kind of hopped around. Then he went into the ivy, so we hung for a while. Then the security guard drove up and I was playing and said you should take him home. Next thing I knew he went back to his truck and got his "squirrel gloves" and then he just reached over and picked him right up. About two seconds later he bit the security guard in fright, but then he stopped. Last I asked the security guard where he was going, thinking he was going to put him closer to the building, but instead he said, "like you said, I am taking him home." Crazy squirrel tamer.

Ok, so this is obviously my squirrel voice. I don't usually sound like an Olympic gymnast. :)

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