Sunday, August 22, 2010

Katie Holmes + J.crew then and now

Anyone remember this? I totally remember getting my j.crew catalog back in the summer of 1998 right before I went back to college. I remember thinking these aren't the regular models, these people are CUTE! And so it came out that there was a new t.v. show called Dawson's Creek. I loved it because I was a big j.crew catalog shopper. You couldn't just go online and order then. You had to call the 1-800 number if you had a credit card. If not, then you had to actually fill out the form and figure out the tax and shipping and send them a freaking check. So all in all it took almost 3 weeks to get your stuff and then hopefully it fit :)

Also, I guess collaborating movies and products is trending again. I mean take Eat, Pray, Love for example, they teamed up with several: FRESH did their own E,P,L senses, HSN did a collection, and Dogeared had a whole jewelry line, plus more. Talk about cross promotion :)

Back to Katie Holmes…so she was in the catalog then and now she is back (+ cast) with her new movie the Romantics. It was just a small few spreads in the catalog, but still such a fun surprise! I dig it! I mean how many freaking cute people can they get in one movie?

Katie Holmes ... Laura Rosen

Anna Paquin ... Lila Hayes

Josh Duhamel ... Tom

Malin Ã…kerman ... Tripler

Jeremy Strong ... Pete

Candice Bergen ... Augusta

Adam Brody ... Jake

Elijah Wood ... Chip Hayes
rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Dianna Agron ... Minnow

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