Tuesday, July 27, 2010

SAVE KHAKI or else!

I saw this Save Khaki look book the other day and thought it was soooo fun! Then I looked a little closer and saw that this guy (Unabashedly Prep) lives in my old hood. Fort Worth! Yay, Funky Town! Then I looked even closer and I know Sara, the female model and stylist. It's a small world after all, everybody sing.

Another thing I noticed about these shots were the locations. First, Kincaid’s Hamburgers (historic) and second these tennis courts are in Como (this section of town is rough! Kind of cool how they found preppy in the most non preppy part of town). Oh, and anytime puppies are worked into a shot, then I am all for it. That dog is KEY–YOOT!

Check out the other fun shots and SAVE KHAKI!!!!

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