Thursday, June 24, 2010


I like Mexican. A LOT!

Dinner on Thursday. Red Snapper fish tacos with corn tortillas, pepper jack cheese, avocados, radishes, and salsa verde made from the night before.

Dinner on Wednesday. Grilled chicken enchiladas with verde salsa made with tomatillos. I would tell you the recipe, but I had to wing it. I got the idea from a Real Simple recipe. I like enchiladas, but the picture didn't look too yum, and then when I started to make it I just jumped ship and started making stuff up. Turned out delicious. Hubz thought so too.

Salsa Verde: 1lb of tomatillos (remove husk), 1 jalapeƱo seeded, hand full of cilantro, fresh lime juice. Blend it all up.

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