Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sculpture of Fur

My sister helped me shave the dogs (1 Saint Bernard/Dalmatian and 1 full Saint Bernard) earlier this summer. When we were shaving them, for some reason, she decided to keep the fur for each dog separated. When I started sweeping it up I thought I would take a picture because it looked like a ton of fur. When I started piling it together I started putting it in the shape of a circle. Then I got the idea to make little representations out of each one. I did have to use Dizzy's black fur to make Zoe's eyes and nose. I only did the Zoe's head because the motor wore out on the people clippers. I had to give in and take her to Petsmart to finish her up. Introducing Dizzy and Zoe. Kind of weird, kind of funny.

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