Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sculpture of Fur

My sister helped me shave the dogs (1 Saint Bernard/Dalmatian and 1 full Saint Bernard) earlier this summer. When we were shaving them, for some reason, she decided to keep the fur for each dog separated. When I started sweeping it up I thought I would take a picture because it looked like a ton of fur. When I started piling it together I started putting it in the shape of a circle. Then I got the idea to make little representations out of each one. I did have to use Dizzy's black fur to make Zoe's eyes and nose. I only did the Zoe's head because the motor wore out on the people clippers. I had to give in and take her to Petsmart to finish her up. Introducing Dizzy and Zoe. Kind of weird, kind of funny.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Yay! 1st post

Going to start off with 2 gifts I made my sis last Christmas.

1st is a silhouette of her English Mastiff Maggie. Cut it out of black poster board and then framed it in a nice silver frame.

2nd is the word “Supper,” which was illustrated with charcoal on an uncoated paper. Our Dad passed away 2 years ago, and I wanted to do something for her about him. The story behind it is that anytime we would ask him what he wanted for dinner, he would say that he already ate that meal at noon. He called lunch dinner and the last meal of the day “supper.” He said you called it that when you are from west of the Catclaw Creek (around Abilene, TX) and he would also say they didn't call it the “Last Dinner.” :)


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