Sunday, July 22, 2012


Man the cast on this looks AMAZING, but the trailer was kind of uninspiring! So hopefully it is awesome.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Need A New Suit!

We haven't really been to the beach in a couple of years, so there has been no reason to get a new swim suit. But we have a Texas Hill Country river trip coming up and I think I need a new suit. J.Crew has so many cute 1 pieces, which I haven't worn since elementary school, but I think it is high time I sported one again. This is what I am thinking: suit + shorts :)

Dallas Farmer’s Market

Some how this was my first time ever to go, but my sister in law is always a good tour guide.

Art by Aubrie

John's cousin made me this. I thought it was pretty genius. She said the little one, which would be Dizzy, fell out of the tree. Oops! Love the attention to detail with the ears pointed down.  And then the big one must be ZoĆ«, with the one liner. :) ha ha, so sweet!

Madison, WI capital building

Capital buildings are always so interesting in architecture and details. Madison's holds true to this theory. 

Dane County Farmer's Market - Madison, WI

about the market:
A Madison Tradition: The Season’s Best
The Dane County Farmers’ Market on the Square is a Saturday and Wednesday tradition in Madison, Wisconsin. You’ll find the season’s best bounty of vegetables, flowers, meats, cheeses, and specialty products from approximately 300 vendors throughout the year. Over 160 vendors attend every Saturday. All of the agriculturally related items are produced in Wisconsin.

The Largest Producer-Only Farmers Market in the Country
The DCFM is reported to be the largest producer-only farmers’ market in the country. All items are produced by the vendors behind the tables. No re-sale allowed!

Quality Products from Caring Producers
Whether it be meats, flowers, cheese, bakery, or plants, the Dane County Farmers’ Market offers the highest quality our region offers. DCFM producers regularly receive national and internation recognition for the quality of their products. Where quality-conscious chefs shop for their staple products, some say the soul of the local foods movement was born at this market. The average wait time before producers are invited to sell at the market ranges around five years. Not only is the DCFM where the best chefs want to buy, it’s where the best producers want to sell.

Context - Madison, WI

I think I might have first seen Context on a men’s blog once upon a time and was really interested because it seems like it should be in NYC or Chicago, but nope it calls Madison home. Well the hubz had to work the morning, his step mom and I ventured out so I didn't end up buying him anything because it just might now have fit and then what is the point of that :) But I still admired the small shop just off the square the capital building sits on.

Wisconsin Union - summer chillin’

So I guess the thing to do in the summer if you are at the University of Wisconsin–Madison is to hang out behind the student union, the Terrace, and drink beer and eat grilled brats! Man I missed the boat going to this place for college. I mean your school is on the lake. So pretty!

Pop Deluxe - Madison, WI

Ok I have loved Pop Deluxe from Dallas and when we got the chance to go to Madison I knew this was on my list. A wonderful gift store, they have such fun things for all ages on all parts of you life. I bought Beckett this fun face plate, where you can play with you food :) and I also purchased a fun baby shower card. They do have a great variety of Orla Kiely bags too.

Anthology - Madison, WI

Madison has lots of fun shops that are locally owned and wonderfully unique.

First up! Anthology. This gift store has it all. From japanese tape, stamps, reworked spiral bound vintage books, to locally inspired tees. You could seriously spend an afternoon there is so many things to see within the small space. I picked up some pink and red tape to maybe decorate this year's Christmas cards. Thinking ahead :)


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